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Spirare key features

Everything a funeral home needs

Fully Customisable

Define your own custom workflow or simply enjoy the ease and automation that Spirare applies depending on your zoning laws and requirements.

Interview Centric

The interview process is central to the structure of Spirare. All tasks and actions flow naturally and automatically from the interview.

Task Based

Workflows come pre-loaded with industry standard sets of tasks to accompany every scenario encountered at a funeral home.

Print Designer

FastTrack your printing requirements with pre-defined and fully customisable templates for all your handouts and newspaper ads. No double entry of data required.

Family Link

Allow the grieving family to complete some or all the routine interview questions from home using their own devices. Data is automatically added to the funeral.

Integrations With Other Systems

Submit your funeral data to your regional death registration office with the click of a button. Export your invoices to Xero and other accounting solutions. More to come.

How it works

Understanding our easy to use funeral software


First Call

The informant calls your office and preliminary information is collected together with the setup of a meeting via our calendar integration.





The interview takes place with an easy step by step wizard that guides the funeral director and the informant through the process. Data collected will be used to automatically fill in all the required forms and submissions specific to your region.


Funeral Event

An automatically generate series of tasks will lead to the completion of the funeral event. These tasks are intelligently tracked and scheduled based on your business criteria. The interface provides fast methods of interaction for filtering and completing tasks.





Completion of the funeral culminates with the invoicing step where one can have prepaid or multiple invoices linked to one funeral. Export your invoice seamlessly to your own accounting software ensuring accountability.

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Features that will increase your efficiency

  Email integration

Built-in email functionality, connected to your own business domain, allowing for automated and manual message communication with family and subcontractors.

  Region specific forms

Most forms required legally and otherwise are pre-filled and fully interactive within Spirare. Once the information was recorded during the interview it will appear everywhere is needed based on your regional requirements.


Eliminate the need to collate data to form and design a quote for the grieving family. Following the interview, the quote is automatically generated, digital or manual signature and ready to be printed or emailed.

  Easy to use

Spirare has been received by industry peers with enthusiasm. In most cases, no training is required given the logical and cleverly crafted interface. Spirare's design is based on direct input from funeral home directors.

  Audit Trail

Spirare records all activities down to every click and save action with timestamps and logged in user data, so any interaction with a funeral can be traced back to the correct staff member.

  Fantastic Support

You can rely on our commitment to provide exemplary support to your business, on your terms. We understand the importance and urgency of the death industry and comply accordingly.

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I am happy as a funeral director knowing that I no longer have to commit a large range of tasks to mind or even prioritize them, Spirare does this for me. I love that it is cloud based and amidst the strain for enough time in the day as most funeral directors would agree, I am finding that by spending a few extra minutes with families to work through the funeral interview, I am able save up to 2 – 3 hours of time usually spent tracking down newspaper emails, supplier contacts, re-populating the various forms, and even drafting/submitting the death registration. This software not only allows me to create a custom list of tasks created for any type of client automatically after the interview, but allows me to manage my employees and their performance, and free up enough of my time to consider how I might grow my own business. I am also impressed by Spirare’s ability to automatically generate an itemized quote during the funeral interview which I can edit/print and have authorized by the informant or family member arranging the funeral. Spirare also connects to my accounting software which saves duplication of accounts. One of any funeral homes worries is filing pre-arranged, pre-paid, active and archived funeral cases, and Spirare makes it easy to do as well as allowing the information/documents to be accessed immediately, saving callback time on those inquiries we get daily. I have tried just about every other funeral software and Spirare is what I consider to be the best.
Lincoln B., Funeral Director/Manager
Spirare – what can I say? The dictionary should replace whatever definition they have for the word “Patience” with one name: “Jake”! This is our second attempt at implementing software that supports our operations, and we could not have wished for better. The guys at Spirare are LISTENERS – they change, update, and meet our requests literally as we go, update as we go, and presumably never sleep. Anyone looking for real people to support their implementation of software cannot go beyond these guys! And as for the software itself: we have a range of staff from dinosaurs to IT Nerds. All, without exception, have found Spirare easy to learn and great to use. Can’t tell you how happy we are with this purchase!
Eric Dekker, Funeral Director/Manager

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View some of the other benefits from our funeral software

  Eliminate errors

By having tracked tasks associated with each funeral the likelihood of errors and last minute dramas is virtually eliminated.

  Organise better for less

Spirare will collect data once and distribute it in multiple sections, tasks and documents eliminating double entries.

  Control, Knowledge, Growth

Reduce the number of hours and the amount of paperwork you dedicate to each funeral. Focus on your business instead of working in the business.

  Benefit from the latest technology

We recognise that adopting new tools will impact the way you run your business. Spirare is designed to employ the latest technological possibilities and in term pass that advantage to your business with as little disturbance as possible.

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Mortuary software questions and answers

Where is the data hosted for the cloud version?

We can deploy your instance on a server that is closed geographically to your business location to comply with local laws and ensure fast access.

Do you maintain a record of signed documentation?

Spirare records all signed documents and maintains them while the funeral is active and after the funeral was archived.

What do I need to use Spirare?

All you need is an internet connection and your login credentials together with any modern browser. You can access the software from multiple devices and locations at the same time.

How about notes and other incidentals?

The funeral can have an unlimited number of custom notes and uploads associated with it enabling true flexibility with any possible scenario.


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