Why should you subscribe to FuneralBuddy?

Because it saves time. How?

  • Avoid miscommunication and human errors
  • Avoid having to fill forms twice rather than launch them once electronically
  • Avoid the hassle and mistakes of assigning team members to different services
  • Use computers and modern databases rather than pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets.

And, what features do we offer?

  • Create deceased or pre-arranged funerals
  • Manage interviews with family members
  • Allow family members to answer interview questions online
  • Auto-populate State and Government forms, sign them digitally or manually
  • Launch applications electronically or manually
  • Log into the system with different roles
  • Manage quotes, assets and invoices
  • Manage external service providers
  • Automatically create tasks according to task templates
  • Support events and calendars
  • Manage mortuary clerk accounts with mortuary register
  • Design your own templates for newspapers and service handouts
  • Plan funeral services and allocate team members. Use Google Calendar to synchronize assignments.