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We continue our series of newsletters introducing the Funeral Buddy Software for funeral homes. In this issue, we will explain one of the Funeral Buddy features which allow family members to create their own memorial videos (slideshows).

Family members of the deceased can log in online from the comfort of their own home or from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. They can easily upload their own pictures and photos, add text to them, change the order of slides and edit the photos if required. The final result is an impressive video memorial that can then be used during the funeral service.

The “Slideshow Maker” feature is a huge timesaver as it relieves funeral directors or staff members from the burden of creating video memorials themselves. Without this feature funeral directors and staff members can spend hours creating the slideshow, not to mention the time they need to spend with the family member to understand what they want and the cost of a 3rd party slideshow software that they may have to use. With the “Slideshow Maker,” family members do everything themselves in an impressive and well-integrated package!

Please make sure that you watch the following video that explains the “Slideshow Maker” feature in more detail.

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CTV Soft