CTV Software Pty Ltd is proud to announce the release of our flagship funeral home software, Spirare. Version 4.0, now in preview mode with a selected number of our customers, will be out early 2020 and sure to bring a smile to your face with many, many new features such as :

  • New dashboard with quick shortcuts to most used areas of the software 
  • New left navigation menu with auto collapse to maximise screen real-estate
  • New right support menu to quickly access support videos and raise support tickets
  • Quick case creation button 
  • Google calendar integration for all staff members with automatic syncing of events
  • Expanded the concept of products to be added to your quotes and invoices
  • Developed the idea of services with built-in intelligence for ease of use
  • Added an elegant resource planner to schedule assets and staff members for funeral services easily
  • Added a job sheet to accompany each event
  • Modified the interaction with the interview for easy access and jumping from a section to another
  • A new overall design change with a minimalist approach and clean lines.

We are confident that Spirare’s functionality, now even better, will benefit your funeral home business tremendously, and we encourage you to contact us and organise a free demonstration. Existing clients will be updated automatically.

View the video below for a brief outlook and screenshots on the upcoming release